ROYAL ANNIVERSARY : Duchess Catherine of Cambridge Wedding Style.

Hello my Beautiful people!!!
How are you all doing? Happy New Monday and happy new month in advance!!!
I know you all are more than kind to stick around during this period of my total busyness!!
So I decided to share with you all some amazing Pictures from the Royal Wedding, since  yesterday was the wedding anniversary.  I can remember myself wanting so much to be in the U.K at that time, but due to school and uni championship over here in Greece for me, I could leave with my Bestie over there and believe it or not she was actually one of those "crazy" people that tented outdoor then. Its sounds crazy but I was glad for her because she is sort of the crazy kind and that's why she is kind of my bestie. So enough cha cha cha for now, enjoy the pictures and do you recall how you felt back then?

Strawberries for Pearly White Teeth

Hello my Damsels!!!

How are you all doing?
Hope you week has been good so far!
Mine has been great and am so loving the weather getting a bit 
better with time I hope it will fix and give us back our traditional Greek Bright and Shining sun.
So the week on my way to work, since I now have to be on the road by 7 AM every morning, I keep running into the track that delivers the goods of the Grocery store on my street, and guess what caught my eyes?
I love them so much, but I always wait till its their season before consuming them though.
So cutting the long story short, I remember I wanted to share this little known to many beauty “Secret” with you.
How to achieve Pearly white teeth, without having, to spend a fortune at the scary dentist office.
Pearly white teeth are the next best accessory to sporting diamonds, so grab a handful of strawberries for a quick and easy fix to dingy teeth.  Strawberries are not only delicious but they are also a natural way to whiten your teeth if you didn’t know.
Teeth Whitening Treatment:

1. Mash up two strawberries
2. Use the strawberry pulp as toothpaste
3. Brush your teeth with your new red toothpaste and voila! Whiter teeth!

Careful with the Berries!!!! The acid in the strawberries can weaken enamel over time, so you might not want to overdo it.
Love you all my lovelies for sticking around and for your support.
Hello and big shout out to all my new readers and followers too.
Hope you enjoy your stay and stick around to increase our company.
Check out all your blogs too , of course.
Smouts Smaats!!!

Happy Monday: Olsens Inspired

Have a lovely Monday !!!

Hope I find some times this week to post as much as I wish to, my internship is turning me into a Baaad Blogger,Isn't  it?
Anyway Priorities right?

Dresses and Bags

Hello my lovelies.
Happy Thursday!!!! How was your week so far ? any news? mine is hectic and productive.
This is really not a usual post but I was online and checking out the Unestablish site since yes they are my blog sponsor, I frequently take time to check out their collections and new stock and today I want to share with you what I found and Love and also try to tempt your Online Shophaolic alter ego .

Easter Outfit: Fierce Leopard and Umbrella Girl

Hello dears!!!
Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Mine was more than amazing, we celebrated Easter on Sunday, so much food and meat, I am so not guilty of eating this much, I think I overdid it but why not? Life is Fabulous , we should enjoy it while it last, right?
After been super busy the whole week this weekend is what I needed, we are still going out this afternoon, but I really wanted to wish you all a Fantastic week and share my outfit with you all.
I was feeling a bit Fierce I wanted to wear this dress to Church and the After Church BBQ Party , the weather almost ruined it for me because I was planning on Wedges, but These Booties too do the work , Enjoy Dears

Exfoliating Hydrating Body Scrub Right From Your Kitchen Cabinet

Hi dears!!
As promised this one here is a scheduled post.
I have been longing to share this simple and amazing skin remedy with you all, not really sure why I always forget it here hanging, but now here it is.
Even though right now the weather is not showing any signs of Spring, since its been raining cat and dogs all week , its still officially Spring and we all want to look fresh and healthy, don’t we?
The weather might as well kindly help us though. Now to the post….

My Celebrity Style Crush: Blake Lively

Happy Friday lovelies!!!
How was your week? hope you had fun and its was also a fulfilled one as mine.
So I won't be saying much today, do you also usually get the feeling sometimes you see a celebrity , you just wish you can get their whole closet?
I do , an d i know its not really a big deal, they just kind off inspire me and I just admire their creativity or their stylist's.
Blake is one of those celebrities that hardly go wrong whatever it is she has on, she is so gorgeous and I so love her sense of style so much, I wish I can trade off her closet. Are you also a Blake or Serena fan?
Here are some of here amazing looks

Monday Mornings

Happy Easter to all the rest of the World expect for us in Greece and Russia that will celebrate this  weekend!!!
Happy Monday!!!
The first  week is officially over and new the new week is here!!!!!!
Thanks to God, it was one of the most amazing weeks ever for me from the beginning to end, with lot of great things and some disappointment, its all part of life right?
Oh am so sorry, how was your week and weekend? Do you have any funny/interesting fact or event you wanna share?

First D.I.Y. Colour block heels

Hey Lovelies!!!
How are you all? Happy New Month to you all my Darlings!!!!
Am getting better but I was still on my Sickbed  all day and even though sick I am super excited to start my Internship at the Neuro-rehabilitation Clinic tomorrow morning!!!!!!
So enough about me and my bla bla bla, this is finally the post about my D.I.Y, so enjoy!!!

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