Baby Bounce

Baby bounce like a supermodel
Strut like a queen

Our glory does not diminish even if we remain unseen
We rejoice in the shell our souls were placed in
We drape ourselves in excellence
We inhale the fragrance of self acceptance
We renounce those who say we’re too much
We decree that we are enough
We declare that we are beautiful
And when the mountain of self esteem seems too steep
We let love strengthen our aching feet
We propel ourselves out of self doubt
We endow ourselves with the richness of our history
We affirm ourselves with the knowledge of who we are
We adorn ourselves with the crown of perseverance
We let the radiance of our light shine through our brokenness
We unravel the package of perfection
We embrace the healing found in the honesty of our flaws
We are strong but we are also human
We take time to nurse wounds invisibility has inflicted
Baby bounce like a supermodel
Strut like a queen

When they try to set limits on our ability to soar
We defy their gravitational pull by rising
We rise amidst their disapproving glares
When they attempt to dismiss our humanity
When they misconstrue strength as aggression
When they confuse our cultural pride with militancy
When they assault our self love with angry accusations
When they choose ignorance over understanding
We speak life to silence their death chants
Baby bounce like a supermodel
Strut like a queen

We are not the residue of anyone’s insecurities
We are not the imprint of anyone’s insults
We flourish in the desert
We grow more determined in the wildness
When they hold us in limbo
We stand on the firm foundation of those that have gone before us
Who they were gives us permission to be who we are
Baby bounce like a supermodel
Strut like a queen
Don’t wait for an award to claim your title
Speak forth your own royal decrees
Their opinions did not elevate you
So don’t let their lies dethrone you
Don’t forsake your royalty for peasant musings
Don’t abdicate your throne to become common
You were not made to blend in
Your complexity was never to be fully understood
Your value is not up for discussion
Your worth is not up for debate
Baby bounce like a supermodel
Strut like a queen

You’ve hidden in the shadows for too long
It’s time to be seen.

By Esther OG.

BIO: Esther OG is a twenty ‘something’ year old researcher who works in TV.  She’s worked on everything from History documentaries about slavery to CBBC shows. She works as a radio producer on the weekends at Premier Gospel Radio. In her spare time, she teaches Sunday School and dances at her church.
She loves all things African print and can often be found wearing at least one piece of kente cloth on a regular basis. She doesn’t trust people who don’t like Supermalt.

More of her writing can be found here:

Copyright of image: Olivia Lifungula


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1. May 2017 at 21:35

Reminds me of a quote Mandela used in his inaugural speech. Keep up the good work.

2. May 2017 at 9:35

I love it! Great post!

2. May 2017 at 16:54

Love this! Great inspiration to start off the morning!

22. May 2017 at 8:00

Really Amazing Post..

Distinguished Diva

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