book review: milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

This month we picked up a poetry book from an inspirational woman of colour.

Rupi Kaur expresses the complex cycle of love, life, self-worth, healing and more in a beautiful prose.

If you love literature and poetry and I hope you are then please watch the review video and go out to grab the book.

We need to support all woman creative of colour putting their all into their art.



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15. June 2017 at 22:21

Great book review! I am glad I came across this post because I have been wanting some new women of color authors to read up on and this was one that is new to me. My brother also had recently reached out to me asking me for book recommendations so I think I’m going to recommend this book to him. Thanks for sharing.

16. June 2017 at 1:09

This will definitely be on my reading list! Thanks !

Victoria Lola
16. June 2017 at 11:14

Great timing! I’ve just picked interest in literature lately. Thanks for sharing this, I can’t wait to pick up this book, hopefully I get one in my country here

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