Brown Bodies

by: Mica Hamilton


I wanted your brown body

To find my brown body


I dreamt of your brown body

Before I became enough cells to dream


I saw our brown bodies

Seamlessly moving through this plane

Dreams I often feel but can never place

The Fairy Glade

I get flash backs of memories I will never experience

A thousand shades of your brown

This slow dance

We’ve been doing for millennia

Has led us here

And now


We extend beyond matter


We are everything

Past present and future

And the absence of time

Our physical connection to this world is irrelevant


The spice in the air prickles our noses

As we walk amongst the vibrancy of our frequencies

Which manifest in this place

As the most vivid colours earthly eyes can see


We create colours that do not yet exist

And they dance with us

Revealing themselves in the trees

In the scent of peace

In the sequence of events

In the winking moon

In the softness of your eyes

Which sing to my instruments.

And in the star sprinkled sky that looks up at us

Listening to our synchronicity


We make Music.

And the moon rocks with us.


Gods were made in our image.

Electricity sparks between us every time our hearts beat as one

Turning this earth

We Manifest

We hold dominion

We create

We fuck


Jazz fills this space whenever we speak

In our language that knows no words or phrases

Just frequency


Memories of watching Lady Day with you

Protected by your arms

We were there when our pyramids went up

And we sat on the beach as Atlantis was sinking

I was there with you when our children were taken

And when the oceans were formed you were by my side


Walking beneath these trees during the night

As the prickly heat warms our hearts

And Andromeda keeps a watchful eye

Giving us her blessing

To open ourselves

Revealing every corner


And tear

So we can become us

And create her


Fireflies lead us

Around the bends and curves of this world

Our brown bodies glow iridescent

As we traverse our Garden of Eden

Spanning centuries

When we were gods on this earth


We were Gods on this Earth.


Mica Hamilton is a 26 year old youth worker from West London who currently runs a music blog and is working on her first book which is a collection of lesbian erotica poems.

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5. August 2017 at 15:16

I love it

Distinguished Diva

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