Creator’s Letter

After 6 years of storytelling and experience sharing. It is time I give this space to other women’s stories. 

I hope you all embrace the collective of stories from all beautiful women of colour. I hope you all understand the power of storytelling from the story owner. Our aim is to share undiluted, raw and unfiltered narratives.

I encourage you to engage with every story on the collective. I want this to continue as a community and I need you to know I will be here with you as the creative director and wellness therapist of the community.

My duties will be that of a content curator, healer and whatever you need me to do really, but let us keep things civil. Which means I will be curating raw, real, undiluted stories from women of colour across the globe and also create a safe space to be affirmed, amplified and empowered.

I have a wonderful team of incredible creatives supporting this work and I can’t wait to introduce and hope you embrace them. The new face of ‘Distinguished Diva’ came to me as a vision when I met with Sasha and Danielle at a residency.

We were three women of colour with very different backgrounds from different geographic spaces. We had parallel experiences for sure but not identical. Working in various industry and mostly in the media, I observe the women of colour were usually given one box/identity.

I wanted to give a space where we can explore our complexities. A space safe for vulnerability and complexities. There is danger in a single story which the media have managed to give women of colour.
We are not a monolith as our experiences aren’t either. I want us to get back
the power of our stories by telling it to the world.

I hope you are ready to join us as we write our ways out of the margin.




Image by Roxene Anderson

Distinguished Diva

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