by: Eyek Ntekim

Nne, endure.

Protect your home
fight for your Marriage
accept your birthright

Wives, submit to your husbands
Remember what the Bible says
God will reward you for it
Remember what Pastor Mayowa said?

No, I don’t know what the Bible tells husbands
Nne, we’re wives
Let’s face our own work


It’s your duty
to serve your husband
Whether you want to or not

This is how God intended it
The man is the head
You’re under his supervision
You are his.

Nne, endure.

What did you say?
You should have stayed quiet
You should have folded yourself in
You should have …

Do you want another woman to rule your home?
Do you want your enemies to laugh at you?
What will people say?
You must stay

Nne, endure.

He will change

Just Pray
Just Fast
Just go to night vigil

We’ve all been through it
You must pray harder
Write it down in your prayer log
Don’t stop until God changes him
Pray until something happens

He’ll come home
You shouldn’t have upset him
You should have



Eyek Ntekim is a Lagos- based student, content creator at, and a makeup artist. Eyek is passionate about issues affecting black women and spends time connecting with women like her. She can be found arguing the importance of Beyonce while working on making her world a better place. Eyek can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @afrikanrising and @ownyourbeautyafrique.