Dear  Collective,

We want to first acknowledge that traveling outside of the lands in which you were born for a holiday or escapism, can be a very elitist avocation. But we also recognize that traveling beyond the limited parameters in which you spend each passing day has the power to transform and transcend the context of daily circumstances. To open our minds and hearts to realities that we couldn’t have dreamed of because even our imaginations have limitations. However, it is not always leisure that takes us to foreign lands. It is migration, it is hunger, war, and the quest for opportunity beyond the capabilities of our birthplaces.

In this month’s issue we will take a journey from London to Lagos to Texas and beyond.  We will follow women of colour around the world and trace their steps through their narratives of prose, poetry and imagery. Often these are the perspectives least explored in travel journals, advertising and media. As strangers in strange lands, these women will tell us where to find shea, where to pray, where not to pray, the best LGBTQ vibes, and how to find hair products, and how to locate your tribe no matter where you are in the world.

We can’t wait to hear your responses on twitter, instagram and in the comment section. This is for us.

Lots of love and light,

Sasha Bonét