Dear Collective,

We have returned to our office in the cloud, with a new Issue! This issue we will survey the complexities of tradition. The ways it can liberate and inspire us as these practices keep our spirits in tune with our ancestors, while also being suffocating. Restricting the expansion of creativity that deviates from cultural norms. As always, we have gathered creatives and critical thinkers from an array of continents to contribute to our examination of tradition.

The Distinguished Diva collective has been busy scheming and scamming the system in efforts to dismantle patriarchy. In September we hosted a panel in collaboration with the New Museum’s conference IdeasCity, in NYC. Reclaiming Space: Alliance as Defiance was a space to discuss the importance of collective power of women of color in the arts. We talked funding, the myth of the almighty I, and how nobody can make it out here alone. We were joined by Hawa Jaan of Browntourage, Ja’Tovia Gary of The New Negress Film Society, Tsige Tafesse of the BUFU collective, and Creator of We Buy Gold, Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels. After an incredible gathering of minds and openness, we gathered for our inaugural S.H.E. brunch in Brooklyn. Over a dozen brown women cooking, caring and seeing one another.

Now we want to meet more and more women. We want to hear your stories and share them online, and encourage expansion within each of us. Distinguished Diva will be traveling to a different city every quarter and we hope to see you. Contact us if have a space in your city to host anything from discussions, salons, panels, brunch, and workshops. You can pitch us events and creative submissions at This is for us.


Much Love,