Exhibition of Distinguished Diva — A Collective Online Community

Athens you have been wonderful!
A massive thank you to everyone who showed up for the launch of Distinguished Diva and add to the discussion on what it means for a group to tell their stories and the power of a story.
This new journey will not be possible without the support of the DD TEAM. I love you guys and I am blessed to be doing this with people I can call my own. Thank you for staying up late and first of all for believing in the vision with me. ( Danielle Rosales and Sasha Bonét I love you ladies for being you)
To all my awesome warriors who have contributed to the incredible content I salute your bravery.
To Noemi Niederhauser and Adash, thank you for sharing space with us and passing up the mic to us. It is empowering to see feminism down right in this day and time.
To everyone else asking how can we be part of this, we are live online. Share our stories, engage with our content and if you have it in you give us grants and funding to get to a place we can pay all these incredible warriors and keep creating raw, undiluted and much-needed content.

Saturday 22nd of April, from 17-20:00 in the A-DASH Gallery, Asklipiou 74, Athen

Copyright of images: Aggelos Barai


Distinguished Diva

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