By: Wonuola Lawal

Note to Self is a self-portrait series captured on 35mm film. It’s about a woman writing notes to herself in order to keep track of the lessons she’s learning as she goes through life. 














Note To Self:

Speak up!

You will no longer displease yourself to please others.


















Allow the tears to fall. It isn’t a sign of weakness to admit that you can’t keep it all together.



















Two things:

1. God will always have your back.
2. Never feel unworthy of returning to Him.























Promise yourself not to get lost in a heart that is not yours in the journey of loving another.















Note To Self:

Don’t underestimate the beauty of friendship between women.

Learning each other’s flaws and adapting to them,
Having arguments and learning from them,
It’s exactly like a romantic relationship, only better.





















Note To Self:

Love isn’t silence as your partner’s words tear apart your soul
Or as their fist breaks your skin.

Love is meant to do many things
But it isn’t meant to cripple you,
If it does, use your feet as wings for when running gets too hard and you are weary.