By: Mica Hamilton


Rolling with you

Over the hills and mountains of your body

Ethereal sounds emit from my solar plexus, screaming into the moonlight

All the Xenon in the galaxy clouding my eyes as the glow rises within me.

Ejecta spills over us as our world experiences a stellar explosion.

Creating a new life.

The super nova flashes in the sky as you reach my final destination.

Eclipsing the new moon with your body.

Heat surrounding my heart.

Illuminating the night sky.


Are the Supreme Being.


Once, when we were the apastron,

Circling back to each other unable to fight the gravitational pull of our desires

Climaxing with you

Creating the Aurora that forms around us as you hit the sweet spot with everything you’ve got.

 You are my personal Circumpolar Star

Never setting,

 Always in view in the back of my mind,

Reminding me of your sweat, your tear stained face and your fingertips deep within, where no one else can reach.

Coming with you makes me see signs of the zodiac I still don’t understand,

Watching you disappear between my legs as Gamma Rays dart out of my body like shooting stars.

Hearing you whisper into my ear as you begin your own ascension


Staring up at you as the tears stream down your face and your mouth goes dry.

Unable to take the shock of the Big Bang that crept up on you.

Supreme Being


Image credits:
Photography: Wonuola Lawal
Art Direction: Adeola Naomi Aderemi
Model: Esme
Hairstylist: Favour J
Makeup: Joan V. Otiono



Mica Hamilton is  a 26 year old youth worker from West London who currently runs a music blog and is working on her first book which is a collection of lesbian erotica poems.