Colourful Convo : Wonuola Lawal

There is something powerful, fun, complex about women that Adeola finds inspiring and worth sharing. The colourful convo is a series of video interviews with some inspiring women of colour in various walks of life. We sat down with our very own in house photographer Wonuola Lawal to show the world who is the woman behind the lens.

We discuss the complexities of being an African woman in London, a scientist and a creative. She shared her self-care routine and how she handles fame as an introvert. Hope you find yourself in some of her versions and enjoy this conversation.



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Matuluko abiodun
3. May 2017 at 23:34

Nice conversation

Victoria Lola
4. May 2017 at 18:54

Wow! I love what you do, Adeola. Well done.
Never stop dreaming big, Wonuola…keep being you; you’ll get to work with musicians someday, keep the fire burning xx

8. May 2017 at 15:40

What a beautiful woman doing an awesome job, in my favorite city :-). Keep on doing what you do and continued success :-).

Jay Colby
8. May 2017 at 19:47

I love the conversation always dream and think big.

9. May 2017 at 4:23

Great interview. I love how sure and confident Wonuola is in herself and her path. Great energy. Keep up the good work ladies!

Mimi Green
10. May 2017 at 1:31

Inspiring! Keep reaching for the stars, you are well on your way.

10. May 2017 at 3:15

Thank you for sharing this interview! I was initially captivated by her beautiful smile! She has amazing teeth and skin. Keep up the great work.

10. May 2017 at 10:07

Beautiful interview of a confident woman! I love her energy!

10. May 2017 at 14:14

Great convo. Love the self care tidbits.

Lia World Traveler
10. May 2017 at 19:23

Great interview and great conversation. Thanks for inspiring us.

11. May 2017 at 16:42

Love the pictures and the interview. Keep bringing the inspiration!

Walk One Day In Our Shoes
15. May 2017 at 12:13

I love her positivity and confidence. If you aren’t sure of yourself – no one else will be!

22. May 2017 at 7:58

Amazing article…nice work…I love the conversation always dream and think big.

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