Monday, May 25, 2015

One Piece Swimsuit plus Giveaway

 photo One Piece Print swimsuit _zpsc23yd4yd.jpg

Even if you are leaving under a rock, you know it is summer and you know we all need THE perfect swimsuit.
So today, we are going to shop for our best summer uniform, that is our swimsuit. I am falling for one piece swimsuits this year and I believe they are the IN  trend this year.
One piece swimsuit are perfect for every body type, they com in so may style and look amazing on everyone.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Personal Style is Ageless.

Personal Style is Ageless.jpg

Personal style is about intuition, experience, eye for details and  it is not bought or learned.
And the greatest relief is that it is also ageless and nothing whatsoever to do with your socioeconomic background.
As a way to celebrate the international day of diversity, I am sharing this intricate shot I took of a confident lady, expressing herself the best way she can and that is what I call independent and personal style.
I am grateful for this kind of women, who ignore to follow the rules and just pave their own way with their own artistic influence.
What influence your own personal style? does it evolve with your experiences?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Ready for Summer With This Full Body Workout Yoga in Less Than 5 Minutes

 photo Standing half bow_zpse73iwesu.jpg

Hello ! 
Let's all get fit and healthy my people!!
Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A) is the warm up step for ashtanga yoga.
It can serve as a complete body workout without any equipment. It is a great comprehensive physical exercise.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Shine Little Darling

Knitted top and sequins skirt.jpg
Don't let anybody guilt trip you.
What are you doing to change the community around you? Are you being self- destructive?
In order to make an impact in your environment, you need to be happy and real to yourself. Discover who you really are, show the world that brilliant you.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Avant Garde Hat By Marios Karavalisis


They say a picture is worth a million words, I say this is worth a trillion.
Making a headwear such as this take more than an effort, it take infinite talent, intriguing reflexes and vision of an all rounded artistic genius.
Marios Karavasilis is more than a fashion designer, he is an artist. every one of his work take you on an adventure.
I can't wait to share the whole collection with you all. He is the new Greek Couturist of our time.
His work is not for the faint heart but for those who are ready to go all in and embrace the impractical yet grande side of fashion. Those who acknowledge that fashion is not just about clothes, it is a form or Art. I believe SJP will look dashing with this headwear on the MET red carpet.

photo: Fenia Labropoulou
art direction: CELEBRITY SKIN
makeup: Elena Vasileiou
model: Jelena Salikova with Ace
photo assistant: Adeola Naomi Aderemi