Friday, August 1, 2014

Sindbad Restaurant Munich

 photo SIndbadRestaurantMunich4_zps914e421d.jpgFood is a passion for me, I love good food and eat more than the average girl. What I missed most about England, especially London is how effortless it is to find any cuisine in a corner around you.
The diversity of London's population make it unchallengeable and thrilling for food lovers who aren't scared of trying everything cooked for them.
I missed that when I moved back to Greece, in England everyday is a cuisine discovery.
Long story short, when my friend A. decided to take me to a place for dinner, I was pretty intrigued to find out what Iraqi cuisine is all about.
Since A was told about the place by a colleague who is from Iraq, my expectation were very high.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Denim Shirt and Midi Skirt

 photo DSCF2569_zps3e98ec80.jpg 
Wearing: Skirt: Choies, Denim shirt:Levi's, Bag: Vintage Chanel, Flats: Tamaris.

Denim is kind of my summer staple this year and the middle skirt craze doesn't also seems to be going anywhere.
I wore this look during the past weekend to a Sunday evening ice cream and we walk around Munich.
We wanted to try Japanese tea but the place was closed, so we had a Doner diner and the best ice cream in Munich.
I promised a post for the place soon, already prepared it and you will totally have a mouth watering time with it.
I scored myself a very vintage Chanel bag from my grandma and I am so so excited to properly introduce my newest love.
The picture here doesn't do it any justice.
 Are you on the summer denim craze too or you are more of a summer dress lover?
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, July 28, 2014

All or Nothing

 photo Besomebody_zps0eab35a4.jpg

"I don’t have perfectly square edges. And I can’t fit inside anyone else’s box. My passions are too wild to be tamed. My dreams are too big for any cage."

Wearing: Dress as Skirt: Ice Fashion, Bag: Vintage, Sandals: Gabor, Aviator: H&M.

How do others  opinions affect your ambitions and aspirations?
We live in a world where people are easily prone to put each other down, to tell others what they can or can't do.
As a human being and social being, we are all born with a burning passion in us. The moment we allow the inputs of others, whether people who know us or those who live with an illusion  of what we are suppose to do with our lives and what ambitions we are allowed to have.
We start putting ourselves in the cage of their expectation and  doubt our own intuition, dreams and aspirations.
My beautiful grandma always tell us that people are poor because ignorance not because of lack of money.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday: Avocado Sandwich

 photo AvocadoSandwich_zps5e229282.jpg

Anyone who knows a thing or two about fitness, knows that what you eat is very important.
If you workout every day but still eat crap everyday, you are not going to see any result, no matter how hard you try.
As my nutritionist always remind me, having a strong and healthy body is a 50-50 balance between working out and what you put in your body.
The food you eat is the fuel you put in your body, if you don't eat well, don't expect your body to work well.
Have you ever try starting a car with no fuel? that is how your body feels when you expect it to work without food.
Here is a simple easy midday break or light dinner sandwich.
I am an avocado addict, so the fact that this is my favourite sandwich is not a brainer.
You need:
As many avocados as you can eat,
two fresh tomatoes,
black slices of toast bread,
two slices of goat meat cheese.
place everything on your bread after cutting them and tadar!!
Did I mention this is a protein filled sandwich and definetely not your average sandwich.
I personally use organic ingredients in all my meals, just so you know.
Have a wonderful weekend you all.
Are you also an avocado lover?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candice Swanepoel is Smoking Hot for Osmoze Jeans Campaign

 photo candice-swanepoel-osmoze-jean-2015-spring-campaign-photos9_zps2ff97548.jpg
Oh Candice , What have you done again?
The Victoria Secret Angels is definitely an Angel in this Spring campaign.
Believe me when I say it doesn't get any hotter than Candice.
See more for yourself after the jump
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