Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candice Swanepoel is Smoking Hot for Osmoze Jeans Campaign

 photo candice-swanepoel-osmoze-jean-2015-spring-campaign-photos9_zps2ff97548.jpg
Oh Candice , What have you done again?
The Victoria Secret Angels is definitely an Angel in this Spring campaign.
Believe me when I say it doesn't get any hotter than Candice.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Short Shorts

Wearing: DIY G-star  shorts, Nike Sneakers, Vintage blazer, H&M crop top and sunnies, Persunmall bag.

Short shorts are amazingly perfect for a hot summer afternoon.
 I have to say this is my longest short, I actually DIY them myself on a boring Sunday afternoon.
I had a G-Star pair of jeans, that I never wore and thought why not just cut them and here is the result of that.
I have seen girls with super short shorts and some of those images still hunt me, what the heck? don't you think we should have a no go area when it comes to shorts, but then again why not?
As you see I am indecisive on the short shorts trends, sometimes I like them on girls and sometimes I don't. I own more than  a couple of them mysel but I wear them mostly indoors or days I feel like " if you got them legs, better show em" totally vain I know but yeah..

 What do you think on the trends? 
Oh and men are catching up on the trensd too, so I am officially terror- stricken.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coffee Addicts

 photo Coffee_zpse6944468.jpg Coffee , coffee, coffee. hmm you know that black/brown little beans that turn out to be the  most savouring and addictive tradition of a lifetime.
I can remember been a passionate junky since I was little, my grandma introduce me to what turn out to be the one thing, she now wishes she hadn't.
I have been drinking coffee for all I can remember since I was twelve, I am not so sure that is good or not but well that is life.
Can you imagine life without coffee? all those all night you pull off in university/school for exams and catching up with last minute deadlines, who was there for you? coffee of course.
Lately I have found a new addition to my addiction (pun intended), it is call cinnamon.
As any respectable coffee drinker, I take it all black and straight, until that day I decided to try cinnamon on it and men it was the bumb and I have never gone back.
I have convert all my co-workers to take their coffee like that and they are all so grateful for that little experiment.
So I thought I need more convert, thus the post.
Another confession is that I add cinnamon to pretty much anything, have you try roasting your chicken with cinnamon?
So go tryit tomorrow morning and see how you mood totally changed and how low your desire for sugar will be for the rest of the day.
I don't trust people who don't drink (I hope my sister will miss reading this post lol), do you?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Postcards from Regensburg

 photo Regensburg3_zps1276ad9f.jpg 
 Regensburg to me is that small, safe and beautiful place you accidentally find yourself and then you just don't want to leave.
There is something about Bavaria that makes my heart melt, the majestic aristocratic castles, the nature and the culture. Before moving to Germany, if you tell I will grow to love it this much I would laugh at you, it was meant to be a place of transit, just for a while and even though I am sure that in some few years I will be elsewhere again. It is not about the country though, I am the butterfly who is always on the move, but I think Munich and generally Germany is winning me over. Living in Munich is a gift people take for granted, but if you are a travelling soul then you know it is the best place to live in Europe.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday E01: Release Tension From Lower Back, Hips and Tights With This SImple Yoga Pose.

  photo CIMG0806_zpsd2fe60ed.jpg
The One Legged Knee to Chest yoga pose is one of the basic poses in the Ashtanga yoga practice.
As we carry on our daily activities, we all detain tension and pressure  in our abdominal areas, which result in lower back pain, tightness of tights and hips.
Thus it is crucial that we take a few minutes to release this tension and rejuvenate the energy flow in our body.
After a week of hard work  and toils, take 15 minutes and indulge in this easy peasy pose.

How to:

Start by laying down on your back, make sure your legs and arms are straight. Hold no pressure at all, by focusing totally on your breathing.
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