Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best Ice cream in Munich: Crazy Ice Cream Maker

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Yes I know who post about ice cream in Fall?
Well I do, since I strongly believe in eating ice cream every season even in Christmas.
Leaving Munich without mentioning my favourite ice cream place is like a blasphemy.
I mean ice cream with the taste of pepperoni, pizza, marakuja, cannabis, radler and all the crazy tastes you could think of.
My favourite is the champagne and the cannabis.
If you ever find yourself in Munich, don't miss it at Amalienstrasse right behind the LMU building. More details and mouth watering pictures after the jump.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Beauty Giveaway

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I wouldn't bore you with so much details and the pain of packing in this one.
But as promised here is the beauty giveaway post.
Fall all the bla bla and details and also to enter the fashion giveaway of two silk scarves and a beanie hat(go Fall Fashion Giveaway)
For this one just fill the form below and have fun my friends.
The giveaway is also International and not sponsored.
From my heart to yours as the fashion one.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fall Fashion Giveaway

 photo FashionGIveaway_zps3a3c82db.jpg
Happy Monday dears!
I have been meaning to stick around and keep up with all your posts but as you all know packing my entire life is not easy at all.
I am trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and explore Bavaria in these few days.
It has been fun and choatic, too many farewell parties and eating in different restaurants just to explore every nation's cuisine.
Have I told you I love Indian food or anything Indian to be sincere? I am excited for Halloween and as usual I will not be any scary character but a dazzling Indian princess.
I have been dying to wear my Saree and really can't wait.
So let me cut the bla bla and get to the point.
In August this beautiful little place we all gather out thoughts turned 3 but because of my hiatus I couldn't celebrate appropriately, so since Autumn/ Fall is my favourite season.
I decided to celebrate with two different giveaways.
Call them my Fall treats to you all, I wish I could buy everyone of you something to express how I fell but for now let's stick to giveaways.
I am hosting two because some of you are beauty addict and some fashion addicts thus I separate them.
Choose anyone to enter or even enter both, who know it might be your lucky day.
The rules are no rules really, just have fun and let's all share our favourite fall memories.
Mine is the beautiful leaves changing colours and how it is never to cold or too hot. I love the balance and waking up to the beautiful colours of October.
 Enter the Beauty giveaway .
Giveaway is not sponsored (I bought everything with love from my heart to yours).
It is international , so you can all enter and hope for the best.
I am leaving Munich on the 31st of October which means if you win, please reply immediately so I can send your gift before I board my plane.
Thank you.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Style Crop Tops (Autumn Edition)

 photo 3____AKS8137_zpsb6af2668.jpg
 I denied to pack my crop tops!!!

Crop top craziness is still going on in my mind and yes I know it will be getting cold soon.
I bought my travelling look yesterday and because I am super optimist that the weather will be great in Athens.
I sent all my winter clothes to Ioannina, I am excited to live in Athens where I wouldn't be needing heavy coats and knitwear.
Malaika Firth is one of my inspiration when it comes to cool casual looks, I am loving these two outfits inspiration. I will advise you to thrown a trench coat or cardigan just in case.
I hope you are having a great week so far and looking forward to the weekend.
Kisses and cheers to crop tops in Autumn.
 photo 4___AKS0656_zps13ee30ef.jpg

Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend love

 photo Nuremberg_zps2fb1a5b4.jpg
Being a father, mother  or a parent is a job that comes without description and only the brave and kind hearted can really say they have done a great job at it.
Malala will have been just another female that only cooks, make babies and 'obey' men but with the right parents who have done and will do all they can to educate, love, respect and support their daughter in a country where being a daughter is a curse, I think Ziauddin and Thorpekai can say they have done a wonderful job.
I have read her book, followed her story, got inspired by her bravery and confidence.
I don't know her and I will love to meet this wonderful individual some day just to say a big thank you for what she is doing for her generation.
I believe that she deserved this Nobel price, just as every girl deserve an education, a safe home, the right to live and love life, to discover who they are and do it with the support of all of us without criticism and discrimination.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
I will be visit the beautiful town of Kempten with friends and I am super excited to discover more beauty in Bavaria.
What are you doing this weekend my loves?
Here is a favourite picture from my trip last weekend to Nuremberg, post about it soon.
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!
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