Friday, November 28, 2014

How to relax from stress and come out of turkey coma in two yoga poses.

 photo IMG_30251_zps81ea5b8f.jpg

Some days all we want is to curl down and relax, that doesn't mean we are lazy.
It just means wee need to listen to our bodies, and most especially after the turkey coma of Thanksgiving.
So today"s fitness post is all about relaxing and doing it right.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Style Wide Brim Hat (Ballerina Style)

 photo IMG_2876_zps4126e226.jpg
Wearing: H&M Conscious Tulle Skirt, DKNY bucket bag, Levi's denim Vest, Zara Blazer, Italian tan leather boots, vintage hat and LancĂ´me red lipstick.
Who doesn't love a ballerina? but does that mean we want to go out to work and  look like one?
I told you the hat is my new style addictions, it has nothing to do with me having a bad hair day but everything to do with the magical power of the wide brim hat to transform any look into a street style/ editorial worth look.
So here is my second post on the "how to style a wide brim hat" series.
If you want to wear your tulle skirt to work, nothing should stop you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to squat tips for beginners and pros (Video Tutorial)

 photo IMG_20141104_1213391_zps873eb397.jpg
A fitness tutorial for the most amazing full body workout exercise.
Yes people, SQUAT. There are a lot of myths about squatting out there, but that will be a post for a whole other day.
Just so you know the video is highly requested by so many of you and I really hope it helps out with your questions.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On My Lips: Manhattan Lip Stain (Rich and Gorgeous)

 photo Manhattanlipstain2_zps74cd161d.jpg
I am here smiling and loving these pictures because I am so in love with my lips, okay that sounds kind of vain. I mean am in love with this beautiful lip stain, it is so funny it is actually called a lip stain.
The Manhattan lip stain is my go to these days.
I love that it is hot pinkish shade and can you guess the name? it is called Rich and Gorgeous, I mean who wouldn't fall for it?

Monday, November 17, 2014

How to style a wide brim hat (Casual and athletic look)

 photo IMG_2488_zps05f0ce53.jpg
Top: H&M, Leggings and cardigan: Esprit, Scarf & Hat: Vintage, Bag:Coccinelle. Shoes: Asics, Sunglasses: Ray Wayfarer

A style obsession of recent, is this wide brim hat.
I have been wearing it almost with everything and everywhere.
A hat is always a must and an outfit killah!
So join me to thrown a hat on it and explore the roman and byzantine Athens, will you?
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