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Home is Nowhere

By: Sasha Bonét   To find one has to lose, one finds only by losing…To find is also to lose the self. While advancing, I am playing to find while losing. A thousand poets promise that if we lose ourselves — and we must — there always remains the path. The path leads to nowhere.…

4 Black Women Fashion designers pairing Style + Ethical Sustainability

Yemzi Yemzi is founded by designer Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade, a British-Nigerian fashion designer residing in East London.  Yemzi uses sustainable materials to blend prints influenced by her origins blended with simple modern aesthetics of her western upbringing.  Her styles are hand sewn in small batches in East London. By employing female seamstresses of marginalised backgrounds with…

Hoda Katebi On Dismantling Orientalism Through Fashion, Art, And Activism

By: Atoosa Moinzadeh   “Fashion is an incredibly powerful form of communication,” says Hoda Katebi. And for the 22-year-old Iranian Muslim, the personal is inherently political. As the founder of fashion and social justice blog JooJoo Azad, she’s created a platform to directly challenge the norms of the industry. “I really wanted to reclaim fashion as…

Meditative Malasana for Grounding and Hip opening

Malasana is an asana that physically stretches the ankles, the groins, and back. Going back to the very basic of hip opening poses and emotional release. Watch the video to take tips on how to safely get into the pose. Meditate in the pose and bring your attention to your hip joint, lower back and…


by: enas elmohands   In the 1960s, Algerian revolutionary, Djamila Boupacha was captured by French soldiers and raped with a broken beer bottle and the one question she asked herself, was “Do you think any man would want me after I’ve been ruined by that bottle?”   sito says, don’t ever let a man touch you…

book review: milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

This month we picked up a poetry book from an inspirational woman of colour. Rupi Kaur expresses the complex cycle of love, life, self-worth, healing and more in a beautiful prose. If you love literature and poetry and I hope you are then please watch the review video and go out to grab the book. We…

Fulfilling Forties Forecasting & Foretelling Your Forties

By: Janice Hylton-Thompson As I approach 40 years old this year, I began to take inventory of my life, goals, and aspiration. I realized that there are some areas in my life that I am not exactly happy with. When I was a youth, I ran track and long distance and sprints were my specialties. I…

Deconstructing Womanhood

By: Rosalyn Raelyn Ransaw “Too often womanhood is defined in a restrictive manner — feminine, soft, and quiet. The aim of this series of photographs is to combat that understanding by presenting womanhood as fluid, loud and unwilling to remain in the background. Womanhood is not defined in a vacuum. Our cultures and worldview shape how…

Dancing Warrior Yoga Flow for Grounding

Transformation begins from the inside out and this week we are channeling our inner warrior and reconnection with the universe. I hope you enjoy the full moon and find your inner warrior in the yoga flow below:        

A Letter to My Future Daughter or Things I Would Have Told my Five Year Old Self

by: Joy A E Etukudo There will come days that people may look at your hair, your face, your skin and call you ugly They will stare, with smiles on their faces and call out in voices full of snickers what animals they think you most closely resemble, they will call you black as if…

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