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7  Swimwear Lines by Women of Colour

The  team has gathered a list of our favorite swim lines created by women of color.  As Summer reigns on in all its glory and work days become beach days, it is only right that we support women of color even as we lay in the sand.  In this list, you will find many designs…

When Language is Lost the Love Remains

By: Adut Wol Akec My grandmother is the reason I love unconditionally. She had a way about her love that left an imprint on all her kids. I’m her kid’s child and even I have that same imprint. It’s not something I can describe, it’s something I can sense, I can feel it, in the…

Five things to do in Seattle

By: Wonuola Lawal 1. Attend a baseball game: I saw a baseball match between the Seattle.Mariners and the Philadelphia Phillies. I was rooting for Philadelphia because I’d stayed in Philly for nine months during my study abroad. Although I attended the baseball game for the culture, I had no idea what the rules were or…

Q & A with INNCLUSIVE Founder Zakiyyah Myers: Your Alternative to discriminatory Airbnb

By: Adeola Naomi You may have come across a horrendous video of an AirBnB host pushing a black woman down the stairs in Amsterdam. The stories of #Airbnbwhileblack are not pretty but neither is the reality of being black in the world. We sat down to have a chat with the inspiring founder of the…

Who Am I?

By: Mariam Guessous Who am I? If not all the lives I’ve lived. The experiences I’ve endured. The memories etched into my being. Who am I? If not all places I’ve been. All my life I’ve been searching, from one continent to the next. Traveling south, then back north. Looking for my people. My tribe.…

Colourful Convo Elizabeth Akingbade of Yemzi

We sat down with the Nigerian-British sustainable fashion designer Elizabeth Akingbade. Elizabeth’s work reflects her dual African and European heritage and her journey around the globe. We hope she inspires you all to live your best life now.   Please click on the image below to see the whole interview.        

Berlin for Queer and Queens

By: Adeola Naomi As a grandchild of a WW2 veteran, I have learned to associate Berlin exclusively with war and terror from stories I heard from my grandfather. In these crazy days of chaos and rise in populism all over the globe, we all deserve some key Tender, Loving Care. I love getting lost in new…

Visiting Eritrea: A Journey to the Birthplace of my Parents

By: Helen Woldu I had just ended a loving and healthy relationship and I needed to leave Los Angeles. I contemplated whether I should go to Eritrea for I feared for my safety. My parents did as well (they weren’t supportive of my decision at all but in the end they were happy). I decided…

Freckled Face Girl with Nappy Hair

by: Janice Hylton-Thompson In December 1990, at the tender age of 12, I boarded a plane at Kingston International Airport in Jamaica of the West Indies to JFK Airport in New York. When my plane took off from Jamaica, it was a beautiful sunny day, but when it arrived in New York, it was on…

How Food Kept Me Close To My Identity

By: Ronke Lawal As a British born Nigerian the fusion of cultures has always been a priority for me, as my parents instilled the importance of not losing sight of my Nigerian heritage and Yoruba culture in the western world.  Food was at the core of this, I learned how to cook staple Nigerian dishes…

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