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This platform is the honest representation of all identified women of African heritage. We are waiting for your contribution!

We are currently accepting submission from creatives based on the continet of Africa. 

We’re looking for writers to give us insight into how this pandemic has affected the African continent. Articles can touch on isolation, grief, community, resources, class inequities, agriculture and many more.

Submission can be in any format from essays, prose, poetry, audio or visual media forms.


Compensation: Due to budgetary constraint, DD will not be able to offer monetary compensations to any writers, artists, and other creatives involved in the process of creating content for the Website, Social media or Print Magazine. However, as we are a small company that is expanding quickly, but currently we do not have the funding available to compensate contributors, we are working to change this soon, as we understand the value of your work. After a year of consistent publication with DD, compensation for creatives that are part of the team will be reviewed on an individual basis

Acceptance: DD has sole discretion over the acceptance or rejection of Work submitted. If the Work is accepted, the creative will be alerted via email.