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Panel discussion 16.September 2017

As mainstream media becomes increasingly less reliable and blatantly exclusionary, what are the ways in which people can share information, resources and stories to advance self-organizing networks? What are the ways in which communities can advance self-organizing networks? Sasha Bonét (Editor, New York City), Adeola Aderemi (Editor, London), and Danielle Rosales (Designer, Paris) created a collective which creates digital and physical safe spaces for women of color. Our most recent discussion was held in collaboration with the New Museums IdeasCity (»100 actions for the future city«), to address the challenge of exchanging without the restrictions of physical space. Bringing these collective pioneers together in one physical space supported our mission to create an open platform of discourse together with a diverse gathering of the community. This is the first in the many of such panels to come, which we will be hosting everywhere in the world. Our mission is to bend the boundaries of digital and physical narrations and create a flexible and international network for women of color.

S.H.E. Brunch 17.September 2017

S.H.E – a brunch series created by the Distinguish Diva Collective is a place for women of color to gather and care for one another through the offering of food, an ancestral tradition.  The diaspora has been known to use food as healing, togetherness, and as a gesture of love. The S.H.E. stands for Sister Healing Experience. We gather in an accessible space and invite at least a dozen female identified women of the African Diaspora to prepare, cook, and expand together around the table.