sunny haze, delicate hues 

red-yellow iroko 

hard-soled cheap Chanel sandals, 1500 XOF

vintage hand woven aso oke 

monogaga sand

okinawa shells

holy mary iron

lemon and garlic 

slip brown dress

Toumani Diabaté’s Elyne Road 

femme alpha.

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pages, creases, black ink, knowledge, command intimacy. i seek them for guidance. they are extremely personal just as is the space between my fingers. i don’t lend them easily, just as i don’t let just anybody intricate their fingers with mine. sometimes i frenetically turn them, pursuing knowledge when is deep rooted in myself. femme alpha.

furniture i designed, like the rituals happening inside my rooms. i want them soft, round like breasts, comforting. structures in my head,  architecture, objects, suits, words, the ether of my being. i desire them arresting, enchanting! African contemporary problem-solving from urban to object. i wish for thoughtfulness, that state of having meet any and all possible desires and needs. femme alpha.

i lost my ether. lost it. appalling. annihilation of my soul. destruction of my being.  i lost you my celestial wishes.

we are in my bed, candle lit, my mom’s wrapper i can never go without. i have travelled the world, sought home, in northern shores, in southern shores, some warm, other inviting, some nonchalant. now i long for softness, peace, luxury. a self-affirming portrait. how douce am i?   my hand struggle to define you. maybe you are formless, or a shapeshifting creative polymath. i want to do it all, no limits. i want to have it all. i will have it all. femme alpha

morning, evening, dressing, pleasuring, crying, turning pages, they are all the same to me, rituals. i conjure peace and healing. i seek simple joys but it eludes me. incense, rock, love stones, moonstone, i invoke you. i seek you, my ether, your fluids in my loins, your touch.

now i am home. Cotonou. 金継ぎ kintsugi, the  japanese art of piecing together broken pottery with precious metals liquid gold, liquid silver. i am flesh, gold and silver. 

not drifting anymore, not laying at anchor, but sailing towards greatness.

femme alpha.

Distinguished Diva

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