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  • Becoming my Mother, Becoming Myself

    When I think of my own relationship with my mother, I think of who she was before she decided to have children and how what she dealt with poured into her relationship with her children. The behaviours she has that I do not like and that affected me are exactly what she received from her own mother as well as a direct influence of her surroundings in Nigeria and what being a woman in that period meant. I definitely know that no matter what, I am my mother’s child and that this means that I will share similar behaviours with her but to truly become myself and separate myself from her own traumas, I have to find myself and reconcile with the rejections that can exist in my own becoming.

  • Eid Al-Adha Part ONE

    By: Wonuola Lawal It’s the first of September and once again we’re celebrating Eid Al-Adha. It is Islamic tradition to go to the Mosque in the morning before preparing for the feast…

  • Colourful Convo: Marian

    There is something powerful, fun, complex about women that Adeola finds inspiring and worth sharing. The colourful convo is a series of video interviews with some inspiring women of colour in various…

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