Five things to do in Seattle

By: Wonuola Lawal
1. Attend a baseball game: I saw a baseball match between the Seattle.Mariners and the Philadelphia Phillies. I was rooting for Philadelphia because I’d stayed in Philly for nine months during my study abroad. Although I attended the baseball game for the culture, I had no idea what the rules were or how long the game was so I spent an hour and a half, booing when the audience did and cheering when something good happened, like when a man in the audience caught a foul ball. Overall, it was a fun experience.




 2. Visit the Space Needle & the Chihuly Garden & Glass Exhibition: I recommend visiting the Space Needle at night or at sunset as the view will be more beautiful, but the view during the daytime is good as well. Next door is the Chihuly Museum where the Garden & Glass exhibition showcases the exceptional skills of the artist Chihuly and the remarkable bodies of work he created using melted glass.

3. Attend a free walking tour: Free walking tours are amazing because all you have to pay are tips according to how good the tour guide is and this makes the guides put their all into it, making the tour worth it. During these tours you learn about the history of Seattle, amazing deals restaurants have during happy hour and hidden secrets of the city and afterward, you feel more familiar with the city and less like a tourist.


4.Visit the Chewing Gum Wall: I found out the Chewing Gum wall was also a small landmark in Pike Market. It’s a long stretch of wall on both sides of a passage at the side of the market. The wall is covered with different colors of chewing gum, notes and stickers. If you like quirky things, you can visit here.






























5.Visit Pike Market: Pike Market is a vital landmark in Seattle and its history is very important to the city. You can find fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables here including trinkets, jewelry, posters, and perfumes


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