Full Moon Gemini 3/12

By: Tiara Kelly

A Manual on How to Move Through this Moon Phase and Mercury Retrograde December 2-22 **shadow phase until Jan 11**

Gemini moon will have you wanting to be a chatterbox but maybe it’s time to learn how to communicate with yourself more for practice. Not everything needs to be said to everyone. Write down your emotions before spilling them out and wishing to take it back. Ruled by Mercury, we’re in for a treat to learn exactly how to speak the things we do want into our life. Mercury – your thoughts are cool but remember not everyone shares the same ones. Be truthful, not rude. I shared the other night on Twitter:

Because Mercury is retrograding in Sagittarius; beware of unnecessary arguments. Sometimes we just want to prove we’re right … to ourselves. Save the drama, walk away. Let people believe their truth.

Do not make important decisions based on first impressions. Beware of lies, deceit, and frauds. A lot will be exposed so check your own karmic debt and mind your business. No time to get hung up on arguments so watch your mouth (especially you Sagittarius, we like to get the last word). Subconscious awareness allows for a birds eye view on your relationship(s). Also, the Gemini moon influenced by its ruler Neptune trine Jupiter; keep the faith. We have a long three weeks ahead and it’s no time to be scared. You got this!

Mercury Retrograde Tips:

  • Backup ALL electronics
  • Watch your mouth
  • Don’t sign any contracts
  • Heal patterns
  • Plan ahead while traveling

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Hibernation
  • Journal your goals

Tarot Horoscopes:
How can we use this moon energy to help navigate our needs met for the upcoming year?

The World-
Ruled by Saturn, who is doing its last dance in Sagittarius after three years will finally get its justice! We all have been busting our ass on this planet and it will blossom into greatness. Create the world you want to see grow. Can’t give up now.

Aries: 5 of cups- Has it been feeling like things just aren’t going your way lately? It’s okay. The key is to not focus on what is falling behind. There’s so much we want to work but the universe sees something greater.

Pisces: King of Wands- Leader of the pact. You’ve been working hard and want others with the same ambition around. Nothing is wrong with that, but try to refrain from being forceful. They will follow as they see the success blossom.

Taurus: Ace of Wands- As you’ve been planning lately, you’re about to reap the benefits of those great ideas. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and you need to be feeling good. Time to explore this new chapter in life. Welcome!

Gemini: Knight of Pentacles- You know how to get it and the target is set! Keep doing what you been doing as it will gain that financial break you manifested. Try to not let distractions get to you during this Mercury Retrograde.

Cancer: Page of Wands- The quest for greatness is what you are always in search of, yet it lies within. Use all this Sag energy to embrace your inner child. Take action on your health, spirit, and mind but have fun! Explore the many ways of becoming who you want to be. Hoping and wishing isn’t enough.

Leo: 7 of Swords- You’re not slick so you better watch out Leo. You think you know best without considering the major consequences. Be real with yourself and stop ignoring the fires you started. Relax that ego as you don’t want to be mistreated.

Virgo: Ace of Pentacles- Time to live your best life! The organizer of the bunch, you are more than capable of creating the abundance you speak of. There’s something you’ve been wanting to try and you must go do it. Like Queen Badu said, “don’t you take your time young man”.

Libra: Page of Pentacles- Eager to beaver the overachiever. Wise as they come, you are aware of the changes you need to make in your interpersonal life to obtain more wealth. It is okay to be the student in life again. Plan accordingly, stay grounded, and figure out the best way to execute these brilliant ideas.

Scorpio: King of Cups- Personally as a Venus Scorpio, you are the King of emotions. Passionate, loving, generous and emotionally balanced. You have your shadow side as we all do but as the Sun and Venus moved in Sagittarius you can feel lighter again. Share your love to the world and in spaces, it is reciprocated.

Sagittarius: The Fool- Happy Bearthday to the Sagittarius! We’re on a clean slate and thank goodness after three years of an inner revolutionary war. You have overcame all those trials and tribulations to stand here today being honored for your free spirit. No need to worry, you got this. The angels are along for this new journey to happiness.

Capricorn: 10 of Swords- To resist is to persist. You may be knocked down but if you can rebuild that inner strength with love and positive thoughts you will again stand tall. So much is weighing you down internally and only you can turn this around. Make sure you watch out for the betrayal of others.

Aquarius: Strength- Eye of the tiger, you are down for a fight but there’s no need to be. Use all this strength you have to continue moving forward on your inner path. Sagittarius Sun energy can help strengthen that self-confidence to be that loving and caring being you once were. All things are possible!

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Fashion Model and Healer Tiara “Barbie” Kelly was born December 11, 1991 and made earth her home. Starting a dance career at age 7 that helped transition into modelling at age 19. From runway shows to ritual performances, she is a universal muse. Check her out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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