The  team has gathered a list of our favorite swim lines created by women of color.  As Summer reigns on in all its glory and work days become beach days, it is only right that we support women of color even as we lay in the sand.  In this list, you will find many designs that were made with us in mind, from color selections to cut designs.

Diarrablu Swim

Created by Senegalese designer Diarra Bousso, who studied economics and mathematics and went on to work on Wall Street before deciding that she belonged in the design world.  @thediarrablu

BFyne Swimwear

Nigerian-American Designer Buki Ade is driven by the idea to create culturally inclusive designs by pairing traditional patterns and the innovation.  @BFyneSwim

Avid Swim

Avid is a luxury swim line created by designer Gianna Nicole in 2010.  It’s bold colors and prints are captivating and daring.  @AvidSwim

Ashanti Swimwear

Created by Ghanaian designer Yasmeen and her family. Yasmeen’s love for travel and kente cloth was the beginning of her idea to create designer swimwear inspired by the ancient royal kingdom of Ashanti. @ashantiswimwear

Olori Swim

OLORI is based in L.A. and created by lovers and partners Ibrahim Hasan and Dunnie Onasanya- Hasan.  Their designs are influenced by their Nigerian Yoruba origins and American cultures. OLORI translates to “The head of , princess or queen” and the mission is to celebrate blackness in all of its complexity. @oloriswim


This plus-sized bikini line is helping to redefine beauty standards. Women can now stop trying to become “summer ready” and be comfortable in their swimwear at all sizes. Designer and blogger GabiFresh wanted to create a line that catered to sizes 12-24 and has made a conscious decision to ignore fashion rules. @GabiFresh


Andrea Iyamah Swim

Created by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah who uses vibrant cuts and colors inspired by an array of African cultures. Iyamah’s vision started as a blog in Toronto but has now grown into a brand that caters to women with edge and audacity. @andreaiyamahswimwear