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  • Finding God Amongst the Living

    I look out at the world with questioning eyes and wonder how could all of this be? The beauty of a running river that is hypnotic as it is mysterious, the tallest…

  • Becoming my Mother, Becoming Myself

    When I think of my own relationship with my mother, I think of who she was before she decided to have children and how what she dealt with poured into her relationship with her children. The behaviours she has that I do not like and that affected me are exactly what she received from her own mother as well as a direct influence of her surroundings in Nigeria and what being a woman in that period meant. I definitely know that no matter what, I am my mother’s child and that this means that I will share similar behaviours with her but to truly become myself and separate myself from her own traumas, I have to find myself and reconcile with the rejections that can exist in my own becoming.

  • The Symbolism of Citizenship: The Threat of the Dual Identity and Colonial Borders

    The Symbolism of Citizenship: The Threat of the Dual Identity and Colonial Borders On Friday 26th February 2021, news broke that 21-year-old Shamima Begum will have her British Citizenship revoked. The idea…

  • The Artist as a Vessel Societies’ responsibility to Artists

    There are artists whether that be painters, sculptors, poets, or songwriters who speak of creating art from a source which originates from a place that isn’t theirs alone as if something is being channelled through them. Socrates once said, “God takes away the minds of poets, and uses them as his minister.” And it is exactly that: some artists believe their art comes from a spiritual place within them, channelled by God/The Divine/The Source.

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