Full Moon in Taurus Gifts and Presence

by: Tiara Kelly

An instructional guide on how to prepare for the full moon with grace and confidence

Times November 3:
LA – 10:22 pm

Times November 3:
NYC  – 1:22 am
London  – 6:22 am

As we welcome the Full Moon in Taurus in opposition of Sun Scorpio; we welcome a new life.
Alongside the Neptune Piscesean vibes, you can expect the sensitive, emotional, romantic feel to take over you this weekend. Full Moons are typically a great time for completions and harvesting. The shadows illuminating all that must come to light. Subconscious awareness allows for a balanced look at your personal relationships. Think about what you proclaimed this previous New Moon in Libra and watch your harvest bloom. Are you doing the inner work to align with your desires? What steps are you taking daily?

This is a spectacular time for a change in the department of romance and abundance. Expand your horizons and be open to build a spiritual relationship with your friends and people you encounter daily. Allow greatness to happen but be aware of false perceptions. Release whatever feels uncomfortable arising within you at this time like addictions, anxiety, anger. Choose to rise in love. And so it is, ase.

Mantra: I Release absence and only attract presence

Full Moon Ritual: (action steps)

Make a List of feelings/patterns to release on a piece of paper
Burn with a white candle
Smudge self with sage or palo santo
Cleanse self with a self-love bath (optional)

Self Love Bath:

Rose petals/Dried roses
Epsom salt
Essential oil (optional)

“I desire”

What does each sign need to release this Full Moon in order to truly experience our harvest blooming?

Overall: 10 Of Wands & the Chariot – We as a unit need to release the mindset of “going hard”. It is okay to focus on areas of our life in chunks and heal one day at a time. If you take on too much, you may lose sight of why you started this journey to begin with. Breathe easy.

Aries – 10 Of cups: Release the idea around the “perfect” partner. Use Venus in Libra to speak exactly what you desire into fruition. Be open to vulnerability. Your cuffing season Bae could be right under you.

Taurus- 5 Of Pentacles: Allow change in your career. Stop calling yourself broke while wanting an abundance life. You can learn so much from exploring ideas and different groups of interest. Those unfinished projects can be thrown away. You’re on to new things!

Gemini – The Star: Shining shining shining yeahhhhh! All the hard work you’ve put in will show during this harvest time. The Hollywood lights have your name broadcasted over the city and there’s no extra time to get ready. Remember to work smarter not harder.

Cancer – Reversed Ace of Wands: Visions seem cloudy. What makes you happy? Whatever it is, make time for it. You’ve been pulled away from personal joy for too long. It’s time to put yourself first again!

Leo – The Magician: You can make anything happen when it’s not coming from a place of ego. Use your power for good and manifest that dream life you been rambling about. It’s only taken so long because of you!

Virgo – Reversed Hanged Woman: I think you better let it go! Wow, how many times do you need this situation to happen until you walk away and be unafraid to start over? I know it’s hard but it’s finally time to go deep within and find your faith. Pick up the phone and call a friend, as you are not alone. They have the tools to help you.

Libra – Queen of Pentacles: Remain open. When you’re balanced within you are great in your relationships. You naturally can succeed in your home, love and career life. No need to overthink about the unspoken. Continue to take care of your garden and await a fruitful harvest.

Scorpio – Reversed Knight of Wands: You aren’t one to take disappointments well but you are working on it. Everyone is not out to get you. Release your defensiveness in situations and examine how you can start to attract more friends than enemies. Watch how you’re moving and think twice about traveling.

Sagittarius – Knight of Knives: Catch your impulsive thoughts while you’re ahead. Not everything needs to be a discussion but, own all shit you talk Sag. Release the need to over explain yourself. Even with you!

Capricorn – Wheel of Fortune: Spin the wheel and tell me how you feel. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, good things are sure to come. Allow the universe to circulate around you and show you the reason why you breathe.

Aquarius – Judgement: Don’t jump the gun Aquarius. Declare what it is you want in your relationships and the results will be better than the past. Let’s not hold grudges on new individuals based off previous situations. Forgive them, forgive yourself and live your best life!

Pisces – 6 of Cups: Time to reconnect with your inner child. Reflect on the good times you had and how you can create them in the present. Address the issues that come up and handle them accordingly. Remember it’s okay to cry.

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Bio: Fashion Model and Healer Tiara “Barbie” Kelly was born December 11, 1991 and made earth her home. Starting a dance career at age 7 that helped transition into modelling at age 19. From runway shows to ritual performances, she is a universal muse. Go check her out on ☛ Instagram ☛ Twitter or ☛ Facebook.

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