New Moon, who dis?

By: Mariam Guessous

We come into this world with a blueprint, a mission, a purpose. Our DNA holds inscriptions, roadmaps and ancestral wisdom. We were born this way, equipped with everything we need to survive and thrive in the world. We chose to come here and within us are unique gifts and talents that only we possess and are able to share with the world. We were born with an intuition that’s strong, intentional and gloriously unapologetic. That’s who we are. Or, rather, who we were.

But the power always remains within.

As we grow older and the world around us shapes us, conditions us and puts us in boxes, we lose touch with the most powerful thing we possess: our intuition or our divine self. When we lose touch with our inner wisdom, we start seeking validation and guidance from the outside world, but how can the outside world teach us about something only we know. How can the outside world guide us on a journey that’s uniquely ours? The outside world is just that, a facade. 

The power is always within.

So we wander. Looking for answers. Looking for guidance. Looking for wisdom. Making mistakes and hopefully learning from them until we reach the breaking point, where everything falls apart, and our mind, body and soul demands our attention, leaving us with no choice but to look deeper, to look within. 

This is a powerful point of transition. One that most of us, lucky people, get to experience in this lifetime. No matter how much darkness we might experience and no matter how painful it is, as it always is—it is a gift from the universe. It is a call to action from our inner guides and ancestors, preventing us from continuing to live a life that is not ours. It is a blessing, no matter how painful it is and it always is.

During our lifetime, like our earth mother, we can experience multiple transitions and when we are connected to our divine mother that is within every single one of us, we are able to harness that power and use it to move us forward in this life.  

You see, the universe is not static, it is always moving, constantly evolving and always transitioning. One way to experience these transitions is by harnessing the power of the moon phases. Women intimately understand these rhythms and one way we experience them is through our monthly moon cycle. It is no coincidence that our cycle occurs every 28 days, just like the moon and it is possible for women to sync up their moon cycles with those of the moon, where we menstruate around the new moon and ovulate around the full moon

During the new moon, we get to shed the old, release toxins and prepare for a new phase in our lives–however big or small that might be. It is an opportunity for us to take time to Self Care, to reflect and set our intentions for the cycle to come. We have the ability to shape who we are, where we’re going and the experiences we’re seeking. It is a powerful time for new beginnings. 

To tap into the powerful energies of the new moon, it’s important for women to take the time to reconnect with their bodies, souls, and spirits. It all starts with Self Care. By first caring for and listening to our bodies, we are able to pinpoint the areas that seek our unconditional love the most. We can tend to those areas by resting, eating nourishing foods and moving energy towards them by moving our bodies—be it through walking, yoga or simply stretching.

Once the energy is flowing and we are “in our bodies”, we can then tend to our souls and spirits. The best way I know to do so is by meditating, and I don’t mean sitting in a cross-legged position and wishing thoughts would go away. Meditation is the practice of being fully immersed in whatever it is you are doing in that moment when you’re mindful during those activities, thoughts tend to dissipate and you find yourself fully present in the moment—that’s meditation.  

We meditate when we do something we love, be it drawing, writing, cleaning, dancing, cooking or sitting in silence, you must find activities where you’re able to forget about everything that’s happening in your world and create the mental space to “download” and receive information from your divine self.

New moons are a prime time to do these practices, where we can harness the universe’s renewing energy to propels us towards our highest selves. It is a time to reflect on the last cycle and to set intentions for the coming one. The clearer we are about our intentions, the more likely they will manifest. It is important to look within and get in touch with your intuition, is it advised to ask help from your guides, your ancestors, your angels, gods, the universe or any higher power you believe in. When creating the space to receive, you’re planting seeds for messages and insights to emerge. They might emerge in that moment or when you’re taking a shower or doing the most mundane activity.

Whatever path you’re on, believe that you are held, you are safe and you are supported by powers higher than yourself and you can connect with those powers with connecting with your inner divine. 

The power is always within.

Photography: Wonuola Lawal

Creative Direction: Adeola Aderemi


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Sheena Steward
1. November 2017 at 13:48

I’m all about energy, vibes and connecting with the universe. You’re so right, it’s not static. It’s always moving and we must continue to flow with it and receive everything she’s giving to us.

1. November 2017 at 18:38

Beautifully written! I love what you said about meditating being doing something you love! I don’t necessarily love cleaning lol but I always find that as I do it my mind feels freer-er. Thank you for sharing this!

Lia World Traveler
2. November 2017 at 9:27

Great message and reminder that we’ve always had the power within and we just need to tap into it. Beautiful pics!

2. November 2017 at 16:42

Fun creative post. I am all about energy, purpose and power. Thanks for sharing this!

Distinguished Diva

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