Healing in time of chaos

By: Adeola Naomi

Cry if you have to,
Pray if you have to,
The tears flooding your face aren’t a sign of weakness,
You are tired, angry, frustrated, alone, drained,
You do not have to be strong today,
You do not have to be happy,
If you find yourself drowning in your tears,
Let it flow,
If you need some space, take it,
If you need some love, look in the mirror,
After doing all these,
Read some Baldwin,
Listen to some Nina,
Practice some guided meditation and visualisation,
We will not see the end of white supremacy in our lifetime,
But we owe it to the next generation to stand up against it,
In all of its intersections,
In all its manifestation.
If you are wondering what will I do today?
I will remind myself to be soft and strong.

Here are some deep breathing techniques to get you through the chaos 

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