High Notes

By: Mica Hamilton

Why do we blow birthday candles out once a year?

Hoping for that one wish that would make our next chapter special.

But why is it that we never

Not even on the darkest of nights

When the air is warm

And the night sky is glowing

Deep blue tones that take us back to where we belong

Slowly raise the corners of our mouths

And separate our lips

Leaving just a small space

To allow our desires to end the flame’s dance?

Why is it?

That we never

Not even in the softest of sheets

When our thighs are still warm from the extra long bath

Where we rubbed every inch of our body

Filling the room with scents of want

Do we never lean in

Close enough to feel the gentle heat on our faces

And whisper the name that calls us the most

Bringing the night to a close

What if we were to start a new tradition

Whilst we lay awake

With sleepy eyes

Legs trembling

Fingers moving time apart

When we’re about to draw our last breath

And our wrists can take no more

Can we begin to scream the name of our inspiration

into our respective flames?

Extinguishing the heat only until our eyes meet again.

Mica Hamilton

Editor at Retrograde Inversion

Distinguished Diva

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