New Moon Scorpio

Tiara Kelly outlines mantras, rituals, and tips for a transitional shift in the Universe.

November 18: LONDON: 11:42am NEW YORK: 6:42am LOS ANGELES:  3:42am

***Venus in Scorpio until Dec 1

Mercury Sagittarius (Retrograde Dec 2-22)

Issa dramatic New Moon Scorpio and it’s time for a fresh start. New Moons generally are for planting seeds and intentions. As we are at the end of the road, what is it you’d like to accomplish before it’s over? Or what is it that you want to end for good? Could be an addiction to bad habits or a toxic relationship you just can’t kick. Scorpio season ishere with her sexy, deadly sins creeping up in our bones and getting into trouble. The November 18 new moon links a new awareness as Saturn trine Uranus, expect to feel the need to take revolutionary action with ideas. Intense moon feels will bring up unconscious emotions you’ve been meaning to let out. Don’t try to hide it or fight any longer, it is time to release (as we did this past full moon).

Scorpio New Moons are particularly good for working on self-mastery and explore what is missing in our lives that has been creating self-destructive patterns. This cycle represents an opportunity to rid ourselves of the blockages in ourspiritual life. Be aware of false facades people display. It’s ALL or NOTHING, so think twice as Mercury retrograde isapproaching and will drag you as a Christmas present. The bare minimum no longer will suffice. This lunar phase bringsforth great transformation and internal rebirth. Use Scorpio lusty vibes for new rewarding relationships and abundanc.Welcome the new days, baby!

**Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius can expect to feel it the most significantly

Key Tip: Treat others how you want to be treated! 

Mantra: I set the intention to live in the moments of today.

New Moon Ritual:

☛ Green Candle ☛ Write list of seeds to manifest ☛ Take the first step to your ideas

(**recommended 24 hours after the new moon phase)

Tarot Horoscope Tips:
How can I attract the relationships for my highest self?

Page of Swords: Center self. Remind yourself it is okay to feel however you want and express it with a bit more resilience. Not everyone will receive your perception and its okay. Multiple perspectives in multiple dimensions. It’s called life!

Aries: 7 of Wands – You know exactly what you desire in beings and you aren’t one to budge especially revolutionaryUranus in your sign. Courage turns you on. Be aware of who fights the great fight alongside you.

Taurus: Page of Cups – Emotionally together in a sense of a good rhythm. Your youthfulness will certainly catch theeye of the lover. Let love take over.

Gemini: Strength – We know you can hold your own but will you allow someone else to take charge for a change? You both can rule and create something beautiful, TOGETHER. You, your heart and ego. Make room.

Cancer: 4 of Cups – You know you give more than you receive sometimes yet still hold faith maybe someone will just get it. But are you setting boundaries for what you want to receive? Stop feeding into relationships you aren’t getting full from. It’s time you receive some nourishment of love outside of yourself.

Leo: 4 of Swords – Relationships are not limited to romance. You may receive a love in friendship, work, group activities, or family. It’s all love we need to survive. Rest easy knowing you are loved by those who matter.

Virgo: 3 of cups – Reconnect with your sisters. We think sometimes nobody will be around but at this time, use everymoment to bond with those you feel comfortable with. Emotional refuel.

Libra: Justice – Queen of balance or so you try to. It’s okay to be lost or unsure. Freedom to be, make mistakes an learn from them can bring you great inner peace. As you allow more to flow naturally you’ll be open to receive beyond what you ever imagined.

Scorpio: Judgement – Use those super spidey senses you got to navigate through the many relationships you’ve formulated this lifetime. What stays or burns forever? It’s okay to take a L and accept not everyone will come with you.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords – You can kill with your sharp tongue and Mercury stationed in Sag with a retrograde approaching; it’s getting harder to not impulsively chat away. Watch your mouth and keep your heart open. As a Queen, you can declare what you need without moving a muscle. It’s okay, times have changed and left in the past.

Capricorn: The Fool- Finding things out the hard way is exciting but is it worth the headache? It’s time for a new stance on how you move completely with relationships. Less logical and more emotional. Allow what is for you to happen.

Aquarius: The Star – Although disconnecting is easier when adversity hits, does it solve anything? You can create the relationships you want by simply being you. It’s not hard for you to attract your star player, it is your reflection!

Pisces: 10 of wands- You’ve fought a great fight and it’s not over yet. Allow this journey to show you why it’s been such an extreme phase. It’s better now than later. By then you’ve already won! Keep standing.

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Bio: Fashion Model and Healer Tiara “Barbie” Kelly was born December 11, 1991 and made earth her home. Starting a dance career at age 7 that helped transition into modelling at age 19. From runway shows to ritual performances, she is a universal muse. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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