Saturn in Aquarius 2020 transit — A prediction

Saturn is a planet that rules the following aspects of life:

  • Time
  • Karma 
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Restrictions & Limitations 
  • Boundaries 
  • Structure
  • Old/Rigid societal systems
  • Discipline & Responsibility

It also rules the signs of Capricorn & Aquarius in astrology.

This report will be based on intuitive channeling and light research on the characteristics of the signs and planets I refer to in this paper. My aim is to predict where Nigerian society will be within six years as a result of the impact of this movement of Saturn into Aquarius from Capricorn. Saturn moved into Capricorn in 2017 and was there till March 21st, 2020. During its tenure in Capricorn, aspects of our astrological chart that had Capricorn would have been greatly impacted. Saturn is a planet that pushes and disciplines you into overcoming challenges and learning those hard lessons we all try to avoid in various areas of our lives. For example, if you have Capricorn in your third house of communication, the past three years would have highlighted the challenges you had in that sector. How well developed are your communication skills? How do you think and analyse things? And how does this affect your connection to family or beyond blood relatives?

From 2017 till the present day I encountered serious challenges in this sector. I realised that communication was not my strong suit as I had been conditioned to be passive and not stand up for myself due to societal programming. To make things worse family challenges began to express itself and my way of thinking expanded to encompass views that were outside societal norms. Where was the thin line between abuse and discipline? Where was the boundary between emotional manipulation/bullying and showing love the way family knew how? To be frank, the family dynamic of Nigerian society began to show itself to me. How many of us Nigerians are fortunate enough to be taught boundaries growing up or to have our boundaries respected by elders in society. Our society is one that is pregnant with entitlement with the older generation seeking to take advantage and project their emotional turmoil and insecurities on the younger generation because it is our culture not to ‘talk back’. There is the impression that standing up/fighting for yourself is rude but to me that just smells like slavery.

There were serious and traumatic issues I experienced these past three years that made me realise I had to change my way of thinking, I had to break free (limitations), and learn to enforce boundaries. After the rollercoaster was over, I realised, nothing would ever be the same.

A lack of boundaries will kill you.

Find out where Capricorn is in your astrological natal chart to see where it was affected three years ago.

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Capricorn as a sign represents government, institutions, finances, the economy,etc

On a larger scale extending to Nigerian society outside the family dynamic, Saturn in Capricorn helped to expose the failing/dwindling government system we have, the lack of empathy, presence, and compassion of our ‘President’, the tyranny of our police force (SARS especially), the injustice in our justice system, the corruption of religious institutions as we were made aware of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and his numerous rape allegations. The misuse of power by religious leaders to take advantage of the vulnerable has always been apparent but this was brought to a larger audience when sweetheart Busola Dakolo came forward to speak her truth, inspiring other women to do the same. Despite that, the support of the pastor still continued and was backed up by Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN). Another revelation was the exposure of academic professors and their persistent harassment of female students by requesting sex in order for them to pass with a good grade. This was revealed in a documentary by Kiki Mordi. 

Honestly, a lot went on, in 2019. So many horrors were revealed. 

To oppose these themes, there were a large number of protests last year. Protests against COZA, the police force in Abuja for arresting women in a club, labelling them as prostitutes and sexually abusing them in the cells, against sexual harassment in the market place, against the displacement of residents of Tarkwa Bay etc 

Nigerians especially women came out to speak their truth, to address the outdated norms around our gender and position in society, exposing them for their rigidity and inequality. All in all, what happened was that the truth began to express itself, we began to fight and social media was a valuable tool in the expression of this truth. I also find that when one person speaks up, it inspires others to do the same.

Saturn in Aquarius 

I can’t explain the excitement I possess for this particular transit. Maybe this is the transit I’ve been preparing for lifetimes because I intuitively feel the changes that are to come as a result of this shift.

Due to the COVID-19  pandemic, we are seeing a huge change in societal dynamics. Some of us have always had a problem with capitalism and how the focus on money seemed to glaze over what was best for humanity on a collective level. Now we are seeing some governmental systems stepping in to save their citizens in more ways than was possible before the outbreak. In Wuhan China, while on lockdown, citizens were delivered free food to their homes. The Canadian Prime Minister announced that it will provide financial aid to citizens in order for them to stay safe at home. Some landlords are allowing tenants to live rent-free for the next three months etc 

Events you wouldn’t see on a normal day are occurring now on a daily basis.

Aquarius is a sign that has to do with

  • Innovation
  • Humanitarianism 
  • Technological Advancements
  • Community
  • Social Work
  • The bigger picture.
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Forward Thinking
  • New Systems/Rules


I believe the next months of this year will show the beginning of a collapse of the old and traditional structures and institutions of Nigeria, laying a foundation for a new Nigeria that will begin in 2021, with a better system and with a focus on what is best for the Nigerian collective. We have always expressed how corrupt our government is and as a citizen, I repeatedly asked myself ‘so there’s nothing that can change our predicament?’ Saturn in Aquarius poses an answer to our questions. I solidly believe change is here and though it might not come together immediately, the foundation is being set for something better.

Aquarius also represents a revolution. For a while now I have felt from a sentient point of view that the country is on a brink of a revolution. Nothing will ever be the same again. I predict that it is possible Nigerians come together collectively to fight for a movement that will be hard for the government to ignore. I believe that Nigerians will begin to abandon our traditional ways of thinking and beliefs. These are a few of the pet peeves that I hope will be a focus:

Our cultural norms: transforming the idea of the role of women in society, taboos surrounding the spiritual practices of our forefathers, ignorance, and extremism towards the LGBTQ community, religious extremism, silent culture, etc

I believe that Aquarius is going to cause the younger generation of Nigerians to break free from religion or expand their views on spirituality and religion. People might begin to adopt ways of being that are outside the box of what an average Nigerian believes. Others might opt to return to the practices of our ancestors that have been heavily demonised as a result of colonialism and the media. It’ll be nice to see a return to these practices as I find it is a more forward way of thinking than that of the norm at least to a certain aspect. I also believe we might begin to modernise the practices of our ancestors to fit our present times.

The beauty of life is that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. One can be religious AND spiritual. 

Also, have we ever thought that one could also be Muslim AND Christian at the same time? 

These are examples of thinking outside the box. I remember this movie I grew up watching — cannot remember the title — but he was a boy stuck on a boat with a tiger for many days and he had more than three religions as an adult. I loved the idea of that.

Aquarius innovation: what new practices and technological advancements will be introduced into Nigerian society as a result of the virus and social distancing?

After the virus, will we resume working from home, and reducing the amount of time spent in traffic as we now see that work can be achieved remotely? How beneficial will that system be in a place as packed as Lagos?

The virus isn’t segregating itself from the rich or poor, it is evident that anyone can have it and as those in power are contracting the disease without an avenue to fly out for treatment, would this mean that there will hopefully be a push to develop our healthcare system regardless of if the situation approaches or does not approach a critical state?

Would this be a wake-up call that is so greatly needed in our country?

Could this be the beginning of the rise of a new governmental system because of the collapse of the old one due to the virus, social distancing and financial downfall?

What I mean in terms of governmental system is I mean a government that would begin to take every single Nigerian into consideration especially the lower class who I feel have been greatly overlooked and neglected and left to fend for themselves. It’s been easy for them to be ignored but now they are the one in need of the most aid. The daily income earners, the poor, the disabled and displaced need to be provided for. There have been complaints from them about how they cannot stay home when there is no light, water or food. Therefore reflecting the need for the provision of basic amenities, something Nigerian government has failed to provide. It’s sad to realise that these citizens have to choose between death from hunger or the virus. I’m pretty sure they would rather die from the virus than hunger because of the need to provide for themselves and their families.

What about the homeless and the internally displaced?

How do they avoid social distancing when most of them are packed in makeshift settlements for survival?

So you can imagine how many people need to be accounted for at a time like this? So many!

It was easy to turn a blind eye before but I assure you, eyes are opening among our leaders as we speak. A collective cleansing is occurring.

Future Predictions

What could possibly show up within the next 6 to 10 years?

  • The birth of a new humanity where more people are kinder, more compassionate and loving.
  • More of a communal sense of being. More people looking out for each other.
  • Stronger family bonds for authentic connections.
  • More people being authentic and true as a result of doing the inner work
  • Mass spiritual awakening — people waking up and realising who truly are — which is a very important thing for this life
  • A more loving atmosphere
  • A greener Earth
  • A push to using more renewable resources to sustain the planet
  • A collapse of old governmental and economic structures, adopting one that is more for the people, that helps every single Nigerian and holds our leaders more accountable because in this new world, the old way of doing things won’t work.
  • I see trade by barter being reintroduced, which has always been my favourite form of exchange.
  • Increase in the use of digital currency
  • Growing our own food. Being self-sustaining.
  • An upliftment of people as they begin to think outside the box, expanding their limited way of thinking.
  • Expansion of spiritual practices — more people standing in their truth and being open about their alternative views in Nigerian society.
  • The chaos that is well needed before a new order is restored. (This doesn’t include the deaths of others, loss of life isn’t something that should happen for the order to be restored but it does happen.)
  • A revolution of different sorts but TRUTH being at the center of it.
  • Great technological Advancements — being able to video chat and feel each other virtually
  • Improved attention to hygiene 
  • Better Hygienic practices
  • New greetings — nod, bow, wave
  • Less touching
  • Teleportation machines (Too soon to mention? )
  • Dare I say — Flying Cars?

As far as I’m concerned I feel we’ll be in the Jetsons soon.

In conclusion, we are now in the Age of Enlightenment meaning a lot of us will begin to see the bigger picture of things as illusions around us begin to break. Truths will be revealed and clarity will take over. People will ascend to become more evolved humans as they wake up from this Matrix. It’s always been a game and now it’s to play it right.

Distinguished Diva

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