You are God: Supernatural beings having a human experience

Learning to integrate our ancestral, supernatural and spiritual lessons into living a fully impactful and love filled human experience. By Mariam Mouna

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” is a phrase we all heard at some point on our journey or double tapped on as we scrolled down our Instagram feeds.

To define the human experience would be a big feat as there are as many “human experiences” as there are humans. The same idea applies to our spirits; each of our spirits came to earth to experience itself through a particular human lense. This expression is so unique and precise, yes, like a snowflake. The human-spirit combo is what makes up who are at this point in time on planet earth, and the deeper we dig, the more we realize the expansiveness of who we really are.

Spirituality to me is not something you practice, it is who you are, it is who we all are. Spirituality is inherent. Innate. It just IS. Whether we are aware of it or not, spirit is eminent. Without spirit, we wouldn’t exist as matter, so looking at it from this perspective; all matter has a spirit. Spirit is the driving force behind our world.

I personally perceive spirit as energy and I experience it as such. We all feel energy: from people, plants, books, photos, colors, foods, clothes… Everything we come across produces a specific energy frequency or “vibe” that interacts with our energy field. Some of those energies are a match to our own and some don’t align as well, but nonetheless, everything has a “vibe”.

As spiritual beings, we also hold a unique vibration or frequency that makes us who we are. Think of yourself as a peculiar sound or energy emanating your frequency throughout the universe and in this process, you encounter people, things and situations that bring you valuable lessons to help you fine tune and adjust your life accordingly to better align with your distinguished vibration frequency. This trial and error process is the journey of human life.

Nicola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’’.

When we start to see and experience the world from this perspective, we become more aware of how the vibration of all things impact each of us differently. We become more sensitive to energy as we are now aware of our vibrational frequency and can easily detect—with the help of our body and our intuition—what isn’t a match to our vibration. From there, we can consciously proceed to integrate the lessons and use our free will power to either eliminate or integrate that energy into our lives. We do so not because some vibrations are “bad” or “negative”. We acknowledge that they are simply not a match to our vibration, and by releasing them, we take our power *energy* back and integrate them into light or return them to where they belong.

There is a great power to fully comprehending who you are in every possible facet of your layers. It provides an empowered way to take responsibility for our own lives and thus, create our own reality—the reality we really came here to experience.

As spiritual beings in a human body, we agreed to experience a range of emotions as a way of realizing who we are. Suffering, darkness, and misery are real on earth and they are available to all of us, but still, they are optional. When we’re faced with darkness, many of us immediately identify with it, we fester in it, we amplify it with our own life source energy and lower our vibration in the process. Instead, we could simply remember who we are: light beings having a human experience. While the human part of us can get hurt or get offended (e.i. ego), the spirit part is truly unbothered and untouched and it is always there for us to tap into.

Darkness is real and we all get to experience it, many times very early in our lives unfortunately. But after we get tired of suffering and repeating the same patterns, we eventually “snap” and look for another way of living. Ultimately we will always have complete free will to either identify with darkness or remain in our power even when things seem “dark”.

We were conditioned to be in fear, to play small and to “follow the herd” and this way of being has been fabricated by patriarchy in order to control the masses. We were programed to think and behave a specific way and essentially put on “sleep mode” or “automatic mode”. This way of being is completely unaligned with what your soul came to earth to do. The main reasons we suffer are due to our attachments, our ego, and our dysfunctional thinking. Note that these reasons are all “man-made”, they are of the human part of us, not the spirit part. The spirit part always remains “ unbothered by human 3d experiences” and ready to provide ANY experience we choose. Because again, we have free will. Free will is how we guide our spirit to our desired vibration. So if we choose to experience the vibration of suffering, we will attract suffering as we align ourselves with that energy. And if we choose to experience gratitude, we will attract the abundance that comes from knowing that everything is taken care of.

In experiencing it this way, we can reach beyond the duality in our existence. When we label things as “good” or “bad” we are still operating from the human (denser vibration) self—we are operating from ego and with attachment to “being right” and we create separation within ourselves and in our connection to the planet. It’s important to love these parts of ourselves and integrate them with spirit, we must raise our vibrations beyond the density and into the higher frequencies of spirit; unconditional love, acceptance, and peace.

When we choose pure love, acceptance, and peace, we transcend duality and no longer need to point fingers, judge or suffer, we simply accept, with love, that each being on this earth is a powerful spirit with free will who chooses to experience certain vibrations for the purpose of its ascension. And we too, have the power to choose where our energy goes and dwells, and little by little, we understand more about ourselves, what triggers us and we begin to show up with gratitude for the teachers and lessons we need for our own ascension.

The way I see it is; everyone is having a “spiritual” experience, whether it’s similar to our own or vastly different, we all came here to “play” as powerful beings of the source. Yes, all of us, every single one of us, even the ones our human selves still judge. They say the truth will set you free, so consider the truth of our own godliness and that of others. If we can see each other as the infinite Goddesses and Gods that we are who choose specific experiences using their own free will, we can begin the collective healing and ascension process we all came here to realize, together.

Distinguished Diva

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