As we are in the new moon and getting all set for another month, it is essential to holistically prepare yourself for the month.

De-clutter your space and yourself.

Clean yourself of all expectations both yours and others.

Getting into the new month with a clean slate will prevent you from carrying all bygones of the past month into the new.

Make sure your surroundings is also clean and ready.

Making an intentional decision to start fresh will give you the grace and energy to forgive yourself and others of whatever didn’t went as expected.

Write down what your intentions

are for the new moon.

Putting your intention on papers will

help you see them take

form and make it a reminder as you go through the month.

Prayer and meditation.

Connecting to your spiritual self and the universe is a great place to start.

You actually feel what is there to feel and learn what cannot be touched or seen.

Share your intentions with the people you feel safe with.

Welcome to the new moon and join us as we celebrate our holistic womanhood.