Editor’s Letter-Issue 2 on Womanhood

Dear Readers,

As we enter a new moon and ’s second issue, we are meditating on the idea of what Womanhood means. I believe that gender is mostly performative, but the ways in which we go about performing our roles in the world as women is highly influenced by where we are from, how we pray, and who we love. As a woman from the deep south of the United States, I am constantly trying to unlearn constructs impressed upon me as a young girl.  Sit with your back straight, they would say, cross your legs, they say, don’t speak too loudly, don’t read too much, or else you will never find a husband.

In this issue we have collected narratives from women of colour from many different religious practices, countries, and sexual orientations in an attempt to breakdown the many nuances that define what Womanhood mean to us. In our efforts to dismantle patriarchy through intersectional feminism, we understand the importance of understanding the variation in experiences. Through poetry, photography, creative writing, and interviews we will only merely scratch at the surface of defining womanhood, but we are excited to use this collective space for exploration.  We want to keep the dialogue open, so please, share your thoughts and responses in the comments or email us. As Auntie Solange would say, “this shit is for us.”

With love and light,

Sasha Bonét

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My Teen Guide
3. June 2017 at 13:04

There is no single word, single sentence, not even a single paragraph to define womanhood. Women are as they are depending on dictates of society, of religion, of race or culture. We must live up to those norms, to some point that we are not who we really are. I hope women around the world would be given the chance to be just themselves.

Distinguished Diva

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